In spite of the fact that the hosting service supplied by the different companies is approximately the same, each provider has got a personalized platform with its own tweaks and ways to complete specific procedures. That’s why, an extensive knowledge base would be truly useful both for people with little or no experience and for technically savvy individuals who will at some point learn how specific procedures are completed, but will lose valuable time in the process. The purpose of such a knowledge base is to make the hosting service quick and simple to use, sparing users lots of time and efforts. The consequence is more satisfied customers, since they can swiftly find the information they require, and significantly less work for the tech support team, because usually most of the questions and difficulties that customers have got are already included in the knowledge base. Provided that the articles themselves are properly written and cover more topics, you’ll be able to discover more not only about your account, but also about the hosting service as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Hosting

All cloud hosting that we’re offering come with a detailed knowledge base where you can find everything you may ever need to know about your web hosting account. Regardless of whether you are aiming to create a new MySQL database, to redirect a domain using an .htaccess configuration file or to set up an e-mail address on your computer or smart phone, you can just read our step-by-step help articles and all the information that you require will be there. When you open a given section of the Hepsia Control Panel, you will see articles that are associated with the features that you can access through it. In case you want to check the whole article archive and get familiar with all the features that Hepsia is offering, or simply to read general info about the web hosting service, you can browse the entire knowledge base, which can be accessed via the Help menu in your Control Panel. We have done our very best to cover any issue that you may possibly encounter, but in case you do not find the information that you’re searching for, you can always touch base with us, as our tech support team is working around the clock.